Saturday, June 1, 2013

Candy Crush Level 20 Tips

Candy crush level 20 requires you to score 15,000 points in a minute. You already know by now that this many points in such a short space of time seems entirely unreasonable. Try these tips to help score big in no time at all!

Check out the video below as well for an example of how to beat this level.

Look For Power Combos

Swapping striped, wrapped and sprinkle candies unleashes powerful effects. Any combination is great for this level, although the wrapped/striped combo is our favorite.

Work One Side Of The Screen At A Time

Its easier to focus on one side of the screen at a time. This speeds up your matching and doesn't compromise potential matches on the other side of the screen. When the matches run out on one side, move to the other.

Look For Cascades

Look for vertical matches near the bottom of the screen. This increases the chances of setting off cascading matches, helping boost your score while you look for the next match.

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