Monday, June 3, 2013

Candy Crush Level 26 Tips

Candy crush level 26 tips

Candy crush saga level 26 is an ingredient level with a stack of frosted jellies at the bottom. Here are our tips.

Power combos

Look for power combos near the bottom of the screen to remove as many frosted jellies as possible in one move.

Work the bottom of the screen.

Work close to the jellies. This helps with cascading matches above, hopefully generating special candies to use in subsequent moves. Cascading matches build points too and help drop ingredients.

Set up the ingredients

New ingredients drop onto the screen above the location where an ingredient drops off of the screen. When you are about to drop an ingredient, plan the next move, as this will dictate where the next ingredient drops from.

Don't waste moves

Don't waste moves making matches that don't count. Focus on matches at the bottom of the screen unless you have no other options.

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