Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Candy Crush Level 33 Tips

Candy Crush Level 33 Tips

Level 33 is one of the first major tests on your voyage through Candy Crush and ultimately into insanity. You can boost your chances of progressing with the following tips.

Work from the bottom

Look for matches near the bottom, preferably vertical matches. This maximizes the chances of cascading matches, clearing more jellies in a single move. The exception would be if you can utilize a power candy.

Work one side of the board at a time

Focus on one side of the board at a time. It's easier to plan your next move if you only need to think about half of the board.

Plan your next move

Always plan ahead. It's a great way to take advantage of a lucky set up.

Shoot for two jellies at a time

You need to clear more than one jelly at a time to beat level 33. Cascading matches are a great way to accomplish this. Power combos too.

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