Sunday, June 2, 2013

Candy Crush Level 23 Tips

candy crush level 23

Candy Crush Level 23 Tips

Oh dear....look at all that frosting! Candy crush saga level 23 consists of 5 rows of frosting covering double jellies.

More than thirty of the pesky things to be cleared in 50 moves.

Follow these tips to make life a little easier......until level 30.......

Frosting first

The frosting blocks all candies. The more frosting that you clear, the more spaces there are for potential matches.

Cascading matches

After you clear as much frosting as possible, look for cascading matches by trying for vertical matches as low down the board as possible.

Stripes and combos

Horizontal stripes are great on this level. That's a bit obvious though!

Read between the rows

Look for matches and combos between the rows of jellies and frosting. It really cuts down on the number of moves that you take.

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