Monday, June 3, 2013

Candy Crush Level 28 Tips

Candy Crush Level 28 Tips

Candy crush level 28 requires 40,000 points and a bunch of frosted jellies to be cleared. These tips should help.

Clear the middle first

Clear the frosting in the middle first if you can. This will open up more potential matches across the board.

Power combos

Look for vertical stripes and power combos to blow away the frosting and jellies at the same time. 

Work the bottom of the screen.

Work close to the frosting and jellies. This helps with cascading matches above, hopefully generating special candies to use in subsequent moves. Cascading matches build points too.

Focus on one side of the screen

Focussing on one side of the screen enables you to maximize the potential matches on each side of the screen. This might only gain you a couple of moves, but they could be the moves that count.

Don't waste moves

Don't waste moves making matches that don't count. Focus on matches at the bottom of the screen unless you have no other options.

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